I have a deep love for the loveliness of storytelling with light.  Life at its most glorious is so achingly beautiful, and each gorgeous moment too quick to pass. To strive to capture the loveliness of it all, to preserve the joy of a moment in the intricacies of a photograph….it’s what I live for.  I seek always to capture your story - from the big moments to the smallest details - creating beautiful, personal photos that can be loved, shared, and re-lived at the height of their loveliness, forever.

Kind Words

Alex & Nina

Working with Mina was one of the best decisions my wife and I have made as a couple (first best was, obviously, to get married). The results were stunning, and start to finish it was a wonderful experience. Do you have more time? Read on…

We had a wonderful wedding with a great venue, caterer, baker, florist, and DJ, but the real standout of all our vendors was our photographer: Mina von Feilitzsch. Her work caught my eye with great composition, color, and light, and for the emotions she captured with her lens.  Her first communications were fast and professional, and in person she was kind, modest, and an utter pleasure to spend time with.

Our first photo outing with Mina was for an “engagement shoot,” though we’d already been engaged for eight months. For anyone who hasn’t been extensively filmed or photographed, it can be a little uncomfortable having a big camera clicking away just a few feet from you, but not so with Mina. We had a blast! We went to a few of our favorite spots around town, did some
serious poses, some silly poses, took a few candids, and had a few laughs. Before even seeing the results of the day we walked away sure we had made the right choice in picking Mina. We got an e-mail just a few days later with the first photos from the set, and they exceeded our expectations. Going into the final stages of wedding planning, it was a huge weight off our shoulders to be so confident in our photographer. There are plenty of other things we worried about, but we were never concerned about how our photographs would turn out!

Leading up to the big day we heard from Mina often and her replies were quick, which went a long way towards making the nervous couple more at ease. Mina showed up early to our rehearsal and the wedding to get a lay of the land and find inspiration. During the planning process and the rehearsal, we got several helpful suggestions from Mina covering some things we hadn’t even considered! Some suggestions helped ease the flow of the day, like what order we should photograph the families, and other suggestions helped compose some truly memorable photographs.

On the morning of the big day, I was surprised to see Mina show up several hours before the start of our ceremony. She put that time to great use, and produced some of our favorite photos of the venue, decorations, bridal gown, and the wedding party getting ready. Standing in front of family, friends, and my bride, the ceremony went by in a flash. I don’t recall seeing Mina
moving around during the ceremony, but she captured more great photos of us, the wedding party, and our guests. Immediately after the ceremony she ushered our families into line for group photos. My 35 family members can be especially challenging, as they are all headstrong and each thinks they have a better way of doing things. Mina rose to the challenge, quickly got a
great set of group photos, and moved on to some more intimate photos with my new bride and me. In that set she captured many great photos, including our favorite: a backlit black and white photo of us kissing while I dipped my new bride in the vineyard at our venue. A masterpiece for the ages!

The reception seemed to go by almost as fast as the ceremony. Once again, I was hardly aware of Mina slipping through the crowd as she snapped more great photos of everyone enjoying the evening. As the evening drew to a close, we couldn’t help but share a hug for all the help she had given, and for the friendship gained, before making our grand exit.

The photographs we got back after wedding aren’t just your average set of posed family photos. Sure, we have the requisite group family photos too, but our album is full of beautifully composed photos of our wedding, from start to finish. Each of our families oohed and ahhed over the shared album, and I have lost track of the number of prints requested by all.

I am so glad to have Mina’s outstanding photographs to help us revisit that wonderful day. It all goes by in the blink of an eye, which makes the photos all the more important and special. Mina was able to step up and take charge of my large and unruly family, but also able to blend
seamlessly into the background to capture candids. Her art, personality, and presence are second to none, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my closest friends and family. Before the wedding was over my sister-in-law had already decided she wants Mina to be the
photographer for her wedding, whenever that happens.

So there it is: Mina von Feilitzsch is a brilliant photographer, a calming presence for the bride and groom, assertive when needed, never overbearing, and always a joy to work with. 

David & Taylor

Mina was absolutely fantastic; she was, without hestiation, the best vendor that we had for our wedding day and throughout our engagement process. Mina not only produced stunning pictures, but her service and responsiveness is a MILLION times above the industry average. Mina would check in with us throughout our engagement process to see how we were doing and to see if we had any questions, and she was a very valuable resource even when we needed advice on other aspects of the wedding-she even sent us a Christmas present!! On the day of, Mina captured every shot that was important to us, and dozens of others that were so artsy and beautiful. Mina knew exactly what we wanted with our wedding photos through truly getting to know us as a couple. We are both amazed at the outstanding final product that Mina produced while being so discrete throughout most of the day-never in the way, but always taking any shot that we wanted. We would recommend Mina to anyone and we will (and already have) recommend her to everyone. Our breath was taken away by Mina von Feilitzsch Photography, and we are positive that yours will be as well! Thank you, Mina!!