Mina von Feilitzsch Photography

Joyful Fine Art Photography

My goal is to capture your story - from the big moments to the smallest details - creating beautiful, personal photos that can be loved, shared, and re-lived at the height of their loveliness, forever.  A well crafted photograph does more than depict what your wedding looked like - it captures what it felt like!  The soft, glorious lighting; the happy tears of friends and family sharing in your joy; the look in your true love's eyes as they see you for the first time; that first kiss...the best photograph sparks the same wonder and contentment you felt living that moment.  You should be head over heels in love with your photos!

In the months leading up to the wedding, I take the time to get to know you as a couple - your loves, lives, personality, and style - by the time we get to the wedding I hope to feel like an old friend.  As it is all coming together, I'm there for you whether you need some wedding insights (you don't do this every weekend after all!) or just want to grab a coffee, and when the day itself rolls around, I capture all of the wonderfulness of it all, with an eye to composition, light, color, and emotion in every frame.  Each photograph a timeless thing of beauty, coming together to create a collection I hope will make your heart flutter just a little each time you come back to it.    

Nina & Alex Wedding Pictures_MvF_096.JPG

A Full Day of Wedding Photography

Weddings are a beautiful expression of love - a time for loving kisses, tender looks, holding hands, exchanging vows (both solemn and silly!), dancing like crazy, and basking in the glow of your future together.  Your wedding is a celebration of you!  What I care about the most is making sure you and yours have a wonderful day, captured beautifully through photographs - and that you never spend a single moment worrying about your photos or my schedule.  It is for this reason that I offer only one wedding photography package, that I feel creates the most straightforward, relaxing, beautiful, wonderful photography experience for you - a "full day" wedding photography package - personalized to what that means to you.  You shouldn't have to pick which parts of your celebration you want captured!

Getting your family together for brunch before the day begins?  I’m there!  Sparkler send off after midnight?  You bet I will be at the end of the line to get that beautiful kiss shot.  So much planning and design goes into weddings, and the timing and planning (which often begins more than a year in advance!) should never cause you a moment of worry.  

Your wedding is a celebration of you, and I will be there as long as it takes to capture it beautifully, artfully, and completely.


A love for heirlooms

They say you leave your wedding with three things - your love, your ring, and your photographs.  And while photos are beautiful wherever they reside - be that in a shoe box under your bed, or even the bright screens of your phone or computer...the timeless beauty of an artful, physical heirloom is pure magic.  That feeling of holding an old manuscript, or brushing the dust away from a family keepsake, of gazing on an old painting...it is the intersection of appreciation for great beauty, and a poignant nostalgia that makes poets of us all. 

Your wedding photographs are one of your first heirlooms together - beautiful images I hope you will treasure during the years ahead, and perhaps someday pore over with curious, happy children or grandchildren.  I believe this first shared keepsake should be beautiful, and worthy of the deeply lovely day and love it represents. To that end, I put together a keepsake box full of your best photos for every wedding I shoot - yours to keep, to hold, and, I hope - to treasure.  Curate your own photos or let us choose for you, either way these beautiful objects are sure to become one of your most loved mementos.

Our wooden keepsake boxes are locally handmade in Raleigh by a fourth-generation carpenter (and wonderful artist), whose craftsmanship and care goes into every box. And if you are interested in getting involved in the process - you can pick out stains and colors to even further personalize your keepsake. No matter what you choose - it will be beautiful!