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A love for Craftsmanship

They say you leave your wedding with three things - your love, your ring, and your photographs.  And while photos are beautiful wherever they reside - be that in a shoe box under your bed, or even the bright screens of your phone or computer - the timeless beauty of an artful, physical heirloom is pure magic.  That feeling of holding an old manuscript, or brushing the dust away from a family keepsake, of gazing on an old is the intersection of appreciation for great beauty, and a poignant nostalgia that makes poets of us all. 

Your wedding photographs are one of your first heirlooms together - beautiful images I hope you will treasure during the years ahead, and perhaps someday pore over with curious, happy children or grandchildren.  I believe this first shared keepsake should be beautiful, and worthy of the deeply lovely day and love it represents. To that end, I put together a keepsake box full of your best photos for every wedding I shoot - yours to keep, to hold, and, I hope - to treasure.  Curate your own photos or let us choose for you, either way these beautiful objects are sure to become one of your most loved mementos. Add a custom album for an additional beautiful heirloom!

Everything about your keepsakes is put together with the same love for craftsmanship I bring to photography.  The albums are archival quality, professionally designed, and printed and bound by my favorite binderies.  The keepsake boxes are handmade locally in Raleigh by a fourth generation woodworker (and incredible artist), whose craftsmanship and care goes into every box. And if you are interested in getting involved in the process - you can pick out stains and colors to even further personalize your keepsake. No matter what you choose - it will be beautiful!  


Keepsake Boxes

A beautiful way to store and present your photos in a holdable keepsake that will inspire joy.  Like an album, these heirloom quality boxes bring a solid and beautiful feel to your photographs and allow them to exist physically in your space. Keep it stowed away, a beautiful secret, or place it somewhere close where you can pick it up and flip through your memories whenever you wish.  Choose between various gorgeous finished wooden looks as befits your personal taste.  Whatever your design - your photos will look lovely nestled in the embrace of such a keepsake.

Our wooden keepsake boxes are handmade locally here in Raleigh by a fourth-generation carpenter and incredible artist, whose craftsmanship and eye to design lends itself to a beautiful look every time.  Once I have edited all your photographs, I print the best ones, lace them up with ribbon, and present them to you in your keepsake box. This is one of my favorite parts of your wedding experience, and I always look forward to sending these out after the wedding!


Photo Albums

Elegant, timeless, bound albums to hold your most beloved photographs. I work with you to pick your favorite images, then design an album based on your aesthetic preferences and style.   For lovers of books, the tangible object, and the physical memory - there is nothing better.  A wide range of materials and styles are available, and I work with you to pick the perfect look and feel!  I work with talented, professional album binderies for archival quality you are sure to love holding and looking through in the years ahead.