Hilary & Drew at the Raleigh Rose Garden and The Laurelbrook

Hilary and Drew tied the knot in the lovely Raleigh Rose Garden, in the shade of the towering trees and encircled by their friends and family.  The colorful wedding day dress of the crowd set vividly against the green of the forest, and the warm summer air lent its calm to the moment.  They said 'I do', then traveled to The Laurelbrook, for a delicious brunch.  After a break for couples' portraits, even MORE people who love these two arrived for the joyful evening reception!  The golden afternoon light filtered across the happiest of parties and once the dancing started the night took on a joyful, ecstatic energy.  It's always a treat to see the whole wedding day unfold - from champagne and makeup to the last song and exit - and these two couldn't have made it any more fun, adorable, or full of love!