Film Photography in Granada, Spain


If you and I had a chance to talk in the months leading up to this trip Fabian and I took in October to Spain + the Netherlands + Austria, I probably would have told you how nervous I was! Fabian and I had never traveled overseas like this before, and I have never planned an adventure of this magnitude…and we jumped right into the deep end with a three week/carry-on only exploration of three incredible cities. I don’t know about you, but I find it just a little nerve wracking to plan a trip somewhere incredible. I worry I won’t plan well, I’ll gloss over some important sight or landmark, or (and this is a personal one!) my photographs won’t do the place justice! It’s certainly a character flaw, but this sense of nerves around travel actually subtly made me put off creating any adventures for us that seemed like real adventures!

I finally moved through this to plan this journey, and it was more than I ever could have hoped. My darling Fabian, so often more aware of me than I am, encouraged me to bring along only my film camera - as a challenge and experiment as I start incorporating more and more film into my work. I can’t tell you how strange it felt to pack my bags and include not a single digital camera! That must surely sound silly to those of you who clearly remember when film was the only option, but the security of digital is not to be scoffed at!

So here you will find a few of my photographs from Granada, Spain. All on film, all medium format, all handled so preciously on their trip through Europe and back home to be processed and scanned by the wonderful Richard Photo Lab. I’ll share more soon, of Granada and the other stops along the way, and I hope you enjoy!

Granada 0006.jpg
Granada 0030.jpg
Granada 0025.jpg

The Alhambra, standing proudly amidst the lush greenery of the cliffside. We explored the palaces and fortresses of the Alhambra on our last day here! I will absolutely have to devote a full journal entry to this historical marvel - it was like walking through history.

Granada 0042.jpg
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Granada 0059.jpg

This photo on the left is our view from the cafe we walked to almost every day for breakfast. The most incredible coffee and salmon on toast made every morning extra fun to look forward to - and if you sat far enough down the hill (everything is a hill in Granada!) you could see the Alhambra. See it there peeking out from behind the left side of the street?

Granada 0017.jpg
Granada 0009.jpg
Granada 0018.jpg

Inside the Alhambra - three different looks. The elegant staircase rises within the Palace of Carlos V, the lower left photo is of a pool and fountain in the gardens of the Generalife, and the view from above looks out over the entrance to the Nasrid Palaces as seen from the Alcazaba.

Granada 0034.jpg

I would like to photograph dogs wherever I travel, for the rest of my life. This little pup followed me down the street as I meandered, sitting occasionally when I moved too slowly for him and just waiting for me to catch up.

I learned the term “palimpsest” from a wonderful architecture professor at the University of Virginia. The walls in Granada are often layered, covered in art, chipped plaster, soft muted colors from worn out decoration, and the occasional pops of earthy wood and weathered metal. I enjoy the symmetry/non symmetry of these two photos (and I will never not love a pretty door!)

And of course, pomegranates! The name Granada, as I understand it, has two possible origins. Either from the Spanish granada, meaning pomegranate, or from the Moorish name for the city - Karnattah, which possibly means “hill of strangers”. I enjoy both!

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